Air Force Corporate Facilities Standards

Welcome to the Air Force Corporate Facilities Standards (AFCFS) program. To access enterprise-wide “Corporate” standards please select “AFCFS Overview.” To access Installation Facilities Standards (IFS) select “IFS Overview.”

All Department of the Air Force installations are required to implement AFCFS, a corporate-level program of acceptable facility quality standards that lower initial costs, life-cycle costs, energy use, and water use. Bases, through the Base Civil Engineer, are required to create and maintain Installation Facilities Standards (IFS) to communicate base-level standards for an acceptable level of quality for facilities.

Exemplary projects that meet the requirements of AFCFS and IFS are eligible for the Department of the Air Force Design Awards Program (DAFDAP). To access DAFDAP program information and resources select "DAFDAP Overview."

AFI 32-1023 Designing and Constructing Military Construction Projects