U.S. Department of Homeland Security / Science and Technology

BPATS Assessment Tool for Commercial Facilities

developed by the DHS / Science and Technology Directorate
managed by the National Institute of Building Sciences

About the BPATS Assessment Tool

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has national leadership responsibilities for managing risks involving critical infrastructure, key resources, and events. DHS has identified commercial facilities as key assets in the critical infrastructure/ key resource sector and encourages the widespread deployment of effective anti-terrorism technologies, services and capabilities. Building security programs are a technology that may receive designation under the SAFETY Act.

To help commercial building owners and managers, the Science and Technology Directorate and the Office of SAFETY Act Implementation identified a set of best operational security practices for metropolitan commercial office buildings, referred to as Best Practices for Anti-Terrorism Security or BPATS. This list is available to owners and assessors on this site.

There was also a need for an assessment methodology that could be used to record and compare a facility's practices to the BPATS. This online tool and its Field Guide meets that need by providing a recommended process that can be used to improve the content and persuasiveness of assessments.


Users with an Assessor account evaluate facilities, create new assessment reports and may share the file with Owners for their review. Assessor reports may not be changed by Owners.

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Facility Owners/Representatives

Users with Owner accounts review assessment reports and record post assessment actions such as Mitigation or Deferred Mitigation. Owners may not create an assessment in the Tool. Users with Assessor accounts create assessment reports and share the file with Owner accounts. This is designed so that an Owner may not change an Assessor's report.

You are encouraged to team with a user with an Assessor Account to explore the functionality of the Tool.

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