Facility Districts

Facility District: Family Housing, Facility Group 4, MacDill AFB

Facility District: Family Housing, Facility Group 4, MacDill AFB

Air Force Corporate Standards

To define and maintain visual continuity for site development and facilities on Air Force installations it may be necessary for a base to create or designate “Facility Districts.” A Facility District is a unique visual zone with a distinguishable architectural setting. A District is further defined as a geographic area with readily identifiable boundaries and a consistent visual character—similar form, scale, palette of materials, etc.—throughout that area. Examples of Facility Districts include historical areas, flightlines, housing areas, or medical campuses.

Facility Districts will fully comply with the base’s Installation Development Plan (IDP) and Area Development Plans (ADPs). Sites and buildings within a Facility District will comply with Facility Group designations as defined under the Facility Hierarchy topic of this AFCFS and the base’s Installation Facilities Standards (IFS).

Provide compatible, complementary and resilient features, materials palettes and detailing to meet strength, performance and durability requirements for the specific locale in response to documented weather, climate and geological risks.

UFC 2-100-01 Installation Master Planning