Site Furnishings

Air Force Corporate Standards

Provide site elements for security, privacy, recreation and relaxation when possible to avoid visual clutter. Fully coordinate and integrate all mechanical, electrical, and plumbing systems / components with facilities and site systems to eliminate the need for visual screening. Ensure low or zero maintenance and highly durable materials and detailing. Match the quality of materials to the Facility Group following Installation Facilities Standards (IFS).


Promote collections and processing for material reuse and recycling. Use locally sourced sustainable materials and environmentally responsible finishes and coatings for site elements.


Protect site furnishings from extreme heat and extreme cold to minimize maintenance requirements and to provide comfort for occupants. Choose materials, finishes and colors that can withstand moderate and intense UV light. Provide mounting systems that can withstand documented risks from high winds.

UFC 4-010-01 DoD Minimum Antiterrorism Standards for Buildings

AFI 34-1201 Protocol